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HiSUGARS in Ubud

Hi Sweet, if you`re here, that means you would like to know more about Body Sugaring in Ubud :)

The first question in usual is, what the heck is body sugaring & what’s the difference between waxing and sugaring? Let me tell you in a short way ;) If you haven’t heard about Body Sugaring, it’s an ancient art of hair removal using all natural sugar paste & sophisticated hand-flicking technique. Contrary to waxing, body sugaring can safely remove hair from follicle & the sugar paste is not hot! It's truly a new experience if we speak about hair removal. (Find out more: 

What we do more?

KERATIN EYELASH LIFT & TINT | The new beauty treatment that will have you bright-eyed in no time. Available in Bali now at HiSUGARS.

WAKE UP & DON'T MAKE UP. Eyebrow shaping & Tinting to boost your look.

We - including our hard-working staff - built up a reputation as a busy, fun and unpretentious salon – where the personal touch always comes first.

If you`re looking for something new, or simply looking for a change – why don’t you come along and meet us in person? We’d love to welcome you at our brand new body sugaring salon <3.

You can contact us via WA: +62 813 3755 0646, @hi_sugars or to book your appointment. Hope to see you soon in UBUD :)

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