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Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Since the early 21st century, scientist and medical market sectors share a common concern about double dipping, a procedure that is often done during waxing treatment. Salons should warn their clients about the potential danger of this procedure, especially if it is done in the private area. So what is the actual danger of double dipping? Let’s find out.

What Is Double Dipping?

For those of you who are still new into waxing, you might be wondering, what does double dipping mean? The act of double dipping is when a stick that is already used to apply wax, is placed back into the pot of wax again to apply more wax. If you are waxed at a place that double dips, they are using a pot of wax that has been used on who knows how many people before you. Sounds nasty, doesn’t it?

Why Is Double Dipping Dangerous?

Cross-contamination in a wax room is always a risk because of its potential to breed bacteria. While waxing, you can remove too much skin creating a gateway for bacteria to enter the body. The tearing of the skin and follicle when aggressively pulling the hair out against its natural direction is making it more susceptible to contracting bacteria. With this and the inflammation caused by the waxing process, bacteria can become trapped underneath the skin and into the follicles which set the stage for any skin infection such as staph and folliculitis.

How Can We Avoid Double Dipping?

Body sugaring hair removal method is a very different process than waxing. We are using a hand-flicking technique, without any waxing strips. Our sugar paste is also natural, made only from sugar, lemon, and water. Sugar is known to be bacterial resistant. Since our paste has such a high concentration of sugar, bacteria cannot breed in the jar; thus leading to your risk of infection being significantly lower. Not only that, our sugar paste is also heated up to a luke-warm temperature. The fact that it doesn’t need a very high degree will make you stay away of burned skin. Therefore, the chances of getting irritation and or tearing the delicate, and sometimes thin, skin in the bikini area decreases significantly. Body sugaring treatment leaves you without the risk of tearing the follicles and thus making it much less susceptible to contracting bacteria.

Remember, anytime you compromise the integrity of the skin, you’re going to increase the risk of infection. So next time you want to get any hair removed, make sure you do your research to find out how best to achieve smooth, soft skin and superior results. Take care of your skin and it'll take care of you.

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