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What is the difference between Body Sugaring and Sugar Wax?

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

If you have something called sugar wax, it could mean a resin mixed with some natural ingredients used for sugaring hair removal. In this case, you no longer have a true sugaring product. With the combined wax and sugar product, companies employ sly marketing tricks to make you think you have tried "sugaring" or gain the benefits, when you really have not.

A real sugaring product will be water soluble, meaning you can clean off the residue from your skin with just plain water. Water won't cut it for any product that contains resins, like wax does. You'll need an oil-based product to break down the resin in the wax for it to clean and remove all traces from the skin or other surfaces.

Body Sugaring treatments are available in Batubelig & at our Ubud salon as well :)

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